Fortitude’s Core 4 Solutions

We focus on 4 core technology solutions and then wrap them with amazing customer service!


Hosting Services provides a best in cloud and compliant infrastructure that eliminates the need to manage, upgrade or replace old, on premise equipment. Hosting virtually eliminates Capital Expenditures and provides Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Software as a Service organizations to leverage Operational Expenditures which align with their business.


Disaster Recovery as a Service replicates your entire IT infrastructure in the cloud. Fortitude Technology provides cold, warm and hot site solutions to meet your recovery time objectives. Fortitude Technology’s infrastructure is highly configurable, scalable, resilient, secure and compliant. We provide data and application prioritization.


Backup as a Service protects your critical data by storing it offsite. If your primary or local backup have any issues you can be assured your critical data will be available to meet your recovery point and time objectives. With Fortitude Technology we will have you up and running again ensuring your critical data is available. ‘Set It & Forget It’


Desktop as a Service allows you to provision, deliver, manage, update, backup, and secure applications for your virtual desktop. This centralized & simple management portal allows for rapid provisioning and provides the users the ability to access their desktop from anywhere, at any time, and from any device.

We Keep You In Business

Hosting, Backup, Disaster Recovery & Virtual Desktops are the key technology components of Fortitude Technology’s Core 4. Our solutions are designed to provide Available, Scalable, Secure, Performant, Compliant environments that allow businesses of all sizes to take advantage of the cloud. We protect your data and ensure your business has the systems resiliency to survive a disaster. The Core 4 allows for rapid provisioning and maintenance from anywhere, at any time, and from any device. Our ‘Set It & Forget It’ Solutions allows our customers to focus on their business while Fortitude protects their most critical business systems.

Infrastructure That Counts

Not all clouds and definitely not all solutions are created equally. At Fortitude Technology we took the approach to use enterprise-class, Best in Cloud technologies from VMware, Cisco, Dell-EMC, Nimble, Intel and Veeam. Our customers are running business critical applications and need to know their cloud infrastructure supports their need for performance, availability, scalability, resilience, and security.

Your cloud infrastructure needs to be ‘Set it and Forget it.’  Delivery of your service needs to be seamless regardless if you are running mission-critical business applications, storing mass amounts of data, or delivering the latest online solution to your users.  Fortitude Technology’s cloud infrastructure makes sure you can deliver for your business.

We partner with world-leading manufacturers to produce solutions that limit downtime, provide unparalleled security and are backed with experienced technical support for maintenance, monitoring and service.

Our Data Centers are Buzz Word Compliant and Keep You in Business!

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