Real Life Disaster Recovery Nightmares

You never think it’s going to happen to you.

20% of businesses experience a failure (fire, flood, power outage, natural disaster, etc.) in any given year, and 80% of those businesses will go under in just over a year, according to the Bureau of Labor.

Below is just one Real Life Disaster Recovery Nightmare that our experts have seen on the job.

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Virus Scan Gone Bad

An employee at an accounting firm was attempting to clean up and organize her desktop computer which was connected to the firm’s corporate network. She downloaded a “free trial virus scan” which was ultimately a virus itself that spread throughout the entire network causing significant problems.

The virus went through and started deleting important information off of the server. Luckily for the company, they had backups with Fortitude and were able to effectively restore and secure their data.

With 3 copies of their data, on 2 different types of storage, with 1 copy in the cloud, there was no worrying about losing significant information.

Disaster Recovery

With our Disaster Recovery as a Service offering you can replicate your entire IT infrastructure or parts of it to the Fortitude cloud. Fortitude Technology provides cold, warm and hot site solutions to meet your Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO). Fortitude Technology’s infrastructure is highly configurable, scalable, resilient, secure and compliant. We provide data and application prioritization in a shared or dedicated environment.