Veeam Cloud Provider

Fortitude Technology enables you to back up to our cloud quickly and easily using Veeam Cloud Connect.  We provide businesses with flexible, secure, configurable, options for backing up, replicating, and recovering your production and development environments to our cloud.  We give you the flexibility and peace of mind to ensure that your data is secure and available in the cloud when you need it.

If you are already using Veeam for your backups, it easy to use our as a repository for your cloud backups or replications.  Looking for the flexibility of Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) so that you can quickly spin up your VM’s on our server?  We have you covered.  Even if you don’t currently have Veeam we can help you out with friendly subscription pricing.

The Best In Backup

Backup all of your data in the cloud. Production or Development. Use Forever-incrementals to protect your business. Customize your retention to meet your needs. Unlimited retention capabilities.

Easy Scheduling

Run backups directly to our cloud .Copy existing backups to our cloud. Replicate to our cloud. Schedule or continuously backup.

Peace of Mind & Sleep At Night

Effective and easy to implement offsite backup and recovery process. Proven restorations of VM’s, VMDK’s, Folders, Files, OS files, even individual emails. Visibility using the Veeam console. Scalable, Redundant, Performant, Secure enterprise-class infrastructure.

Simple Setup & Easy to Use

Sign up online in minutes. Rapid provisioning .Start backing up over the internet using SSL encryption. Easy Self Service. Rapid recovery.


Meet your compliance requirements. End to end encryption at the data source, In-flight, at rest. PCI Certified. SSAE-18 Compliant Data Centers.

CFO Friendly

Subscription pricing. OPEX. Avoid CAPEX.

We Have Smart People That Can Talk With You!

Our certified engineers know what they are doing. We educate and test our team to ensure we provide you with the customer experience you expect. Our company roots are entrenched in making sure that We Keep You in Business!

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