10 years of Disasters…. Sometimes the best way to show the value of a well thought out Backup and Disaster Recovery plan is to show it through real life examples. Over the years, our customers or future customers have seen numerous ways to have their business negatively affected. So, we have decided to do a little series we like to call the 10 Years of Disasters. Periodically we will publish a story on the disaster. So, today’s disaster is:

The Car Theft!

An employee in a large retail company was responsible for taking daily backups and storing them offsite. The employee had been doing this daily task for just under two years without incident. Many times a stop at the grocery store or to meet someone for dinner was part of the delivery process before the backups were delivered to the offsite location. It wasn’t until a Thursday evening that it became an issue.

The employee stopped that night to meet some friends for dinner and after dinner was surprised to find that the car had been broken into. All of the backup tapes and drives were gone! The tapes and drives contained customer information along with company financial information!

For the next several weeks the employee and the company worried that this information would leak publicly. They spent months and months working with compliance folks and notifying customers of the potential risks involved with the compromised data.

The company thought that they were doing the backups right but they made one mistake. Hindsight being 20/20 shows that the 3rd offsite copy of their data needs to be in the CLOUD and must be encrypted.

Keep your data and your customers safe by following the 3, 2, 1 rule of backing up your data. 3 copies, 2 different types of storage, 1 offsite copy in the CLOUD. And remember that all copies need to be encrypted.