10 years of Disasters…. Sometimes the best way to show the value of a well thought out Backup and Disaster Recovery plan is to show it through real life examples. Over the years, our customers or future customers have seen numerous ways to have their business negatively affected. So, we have decided to do a little series we like to call the 10 Years of Disasters. Periodically we will publish a story on the disaster. So, today’s disaster is:

Virus Scan Gone Wild!

An accounting office had completed the April 15th rush and the IT team was moving on to maintenance items.  One of the items they were addressing was updating the virus protection for their servers and PC’s.  The IT staff installed the latest version of their chosen virus protection software and life was good.  The little detail they would find out months later was they had failed to exclude .tax files from the bad list.  The virus scan was dutifully going through and automatically cleansing the tax files for all of their customers from the accountant’s systems.

Fast forward to tax time almost a year later and the accountants were trying to use the files from previous years and finding them empty.  This was a HUGE issue for their business.  With a phone call to the team at Fortitude Technology, we were able to help them restore the original tax files from an archived backup in our cloud.  The IT team changed the virus scan to stop cleaning the tax files backup, and the customer was back in business.

Kudos to the team for understanding the importance of 3-2-1 Backups (at least 3 copies of your data, in 2 different locations, and 1 in the cloud).  At Fortitude Technology, we can help you protect your data and your business.  Not only can we help you with your cloud backup solutions, all of our hosting solutions include 3-2-1 backups.