10 years of Disasters…. Sometimes the best way to show the value of a well thought out Backup and Disaster Recovery plan is to show it through real life examples. Over the years, our customers or future customers have seen numerous ways to have their business negatively affected. So, we have decided to do a little series we like to call the 10 Years of Disasters. Periodically we will publish a story on the disaster. So, today’s disaster is:

The Out of Control Forklift!

An employee in a manufacturing company had been having a tough day and decided to enjoy a liquid lunch. He had a wonderful time and returned to work, driving a forklift, to finish up the second half of the day.

It was about 3:00 in the afternoon when this employee, driving the forklift, took a left turn instead of a right and proceeded to run through the warehouse wall into the bathroom. Funny as it sounds, the employee took out all the piping in the bathroom and caused a major flood.

Unfortunately for this employee and the company, the bathroom was next to the server room which was immediately flooded and none of the equipment in the room survived the flood, bringing the facility and entire company to a standstill. There were no orders to take, no orders to be fulfilled, and the organization moved into Disaster mode.

This was a lucky company. They had taken the time to think through their mission critical applications, determine which data was critical to running the business and were replicating them to our cloud backup and disaster recovery services. Within minutes they their critical infrastructure was up and running in the cloud and they were back to running their business.