Running Your Old Software On New Hardware

Do you know if your applications will run on the latest and greatest hardware? Got an application that cannot run on a current operating system? Worried about hardware failures disrupting and disabling your business? We understand that sometimes you just cannot move to the latest wiz bang application. We know that sometimes the right answer for your business is to be less disruptive and keep running those legacy apps to keep your business going. One of the business problems that Fortitude Technology can help you solve is that of critical business applications that require an operating system that will not run on new hardware.

We use virtualization tools that allow your legacy environment to run in our hosting infrastructure. With a hosted solution from Fortitude Technology you get the benefits of our high availability infrastructure, scheduled backups, monitoring and even replication to our second data center if you would like. You don’t have to worry about replacing servers as we take care of that while allowing you to continue to run your business.

Now that you know we there is an answer, the question is how do I get started hosting. We will work with you to virtualize your environment and move it to Fortitude Technology. There are options to help simplify this move:

  • How about doing a physical to virtual conversion to get your current environment moved.
  • We have several backup and recovery tools that allow you to backup your server and have us recover it as a virtual machine into our world.
  • Our skilled technicians can set up a fresh environment where you can load your apps and move your data giving you a fresh start.

These are just a few options to help get your business protected.

Don’t wait until it is to late. Give us a call today to discuss how to protect your business with a backup or hosting solution from a service provider that cares about you.

At Fortitude Technology We Keep You In Business!